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Prof. (Dr.) K.V. Peter

Prof. (Dr.) K.V. Peter - A renowned horticulturist and plant breeder who provided managerial support to ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode as Director and Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur as Director of Research and Vice Chancellor. Under his leadership IISR established the world's largest collection of spices germplasm and in vitro gene bank tissue culture, biotechnology and bioinformatics facilities. He was associated with development and release o f many improved and high yielding varieties in vegetables. A prolific writer and academic editor, he authored and edited 71 books, 130 research papers, 15 scientific reviews, and 31 chapters in books. He is also recipient of 15 national awards and fellow of 7 professional societies. The Indian Society for Spices is proud to honour Prof. (Dr.) K.V. Peter with Sugandha Bharathi Award - 2015.

Dr. V.S. Korikanthimath

Dr. V.S. Korikanthimath, Former Director, ICAR Research Complex for Goa has in a span of over three decades (1976-2010) made significant contribution to research and development of spices. He has developed several agro-techniques for spices, especially cardamom and cardamom based cropping systems that had direct relevance to farmers in increasing productivity and production of cardamom and other spices which enabled the country to meet the demands of both national and international markets. In addition to being a eminent spices researcher, Dr. V.S. Korikanthimath has served with great distinction in many capacities, including his tenure as Director, ICAR Research Complex for Goa. He is also a recipient of many awards for his contribution to agricultural research. The Indian Society for Spices considers it an honor to have the unique privilege of honouring Dr. V.S. Korikanthimath with ‘Sugandha Bharathi Award-2010’ in recognition to his lifetime contribution to the cause of cardamom and spices research and development.

Dr. M.K. Nair

The Indian Society for Spices, Calicut, considers it as an unique privilege of honouring Dr. M.K. Nair with 'Sugandha Bharathi Award – 2006' in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the cause of spices research and development.

Late Shri. Venugopalan Nambiar

Late Shri. Venugopalan Nambiar (1924-1996), Former Hear of Pepper Research Station, Panniyur, devoted his lifetime for improvement of black pepper to increase the productivity of the crop. The first ever black pepper hybrid in the world panniyur -1, was developed by him and released for commercial cultivation during 1971. Although several new varieties have been developed and released in this crop, Panniyur-1 has withstood the test of time and is still the ruling variety in all the states where black pepper is grown and also in other black pepper growing countries. The cultivation of this variety has resulted in phenomena increase in production of black pepper in the country. This variety is known to every black pepper grower and is popular in small homestead gardens and in large plantations. The variety has special distinguishing characters such as long spike, high fruit setting with bold berries and high yield. Late Shri Venugopalan Nambiar also assembled a large germplasm collection of black pepper and developed the research infrastructure of Pepper Research Station, Panniyur. Besides being a scientist, Late Shri. Venugopalan nambiar cherished human values and was adored as a leader of farming community especially in Kerala. The Indian Society for Spices, Calicut, considers it as an unique privilege of honouring Late Shri. Venugopalan Nambiar with 'Sugandha Bharathi Award – 2002' in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the cause of black pepper and spices research and development.

Dr. J.S. Pruthi

Dr. J S Pruthi (b; 1921), is a well known authority in Spices Technology, having over 50 years professional experience in the line. He was the Founder Director of Agmark Laboratories, Nagpur and the Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrurn, and was one of the senior-most founding Scientist of Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRl) Mysore. He is the author of six Patents, ten Monographs and over 350 scientific publications in Food Science, and Technology, some of which won him National and International Awards, including the prestigious National Independence Day (NRDC) Award. He was the leader of Indian delegations to International Food Conferences several times. He is now Consultant to Commonwealth Secretaruat, London, in spite technology; Consultant/Advisor to UNDP and also to The Cooperative League of U.S.A in spice technology. He was Chairman of ISO, Committee on spices, several times for formulating World Standards on Spices. The Indian Society for Spices feels privileged to bestow on Dr. J S Pruthi the First 'Sugandha Bharathi Award 1998' in recognition of his life time contributions to tile cause of spices technology, research and industry.

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