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V Srinivasan, R Dinesh, R Praveena, S Hamza, Lijo Thomas, M S Mariya Dainy, Shoji Joy Edison & P Rathakrishnan

Site specific fertility management for productivity enhancement of black pepper and nutmeg.

K Deepa, T E Sheeja, O B Rosana & B Sasikumar

Highly conserved sequence of clpks11 is a novel gene involved in de novo curcumin biosynthesis in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)

B Sasikumar, K Dhanya, V A Parvathy, V P Swetha & T E Sheeja

Biological adulterants of traded black pepper with special reference to their detection using DNA markers

I P Vijesh Kumar, N Reena, M Anandaraj, S J Eapen,G K Johnson & K B Vinitha

Amplification, cloning and in silico prediction of full length elicitin gene from Phytophthora capsici, the causal agent of foot rot disease of black pepper

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